Karen Dram

Karen Dram is relatively new in the business, but I gave her traffic a shot and the results were quite surprising. How did she do? Read the review now!


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Yuli Azarch

Yuli Azarch is a prominent name in the solo ad field. We tested 200 clicks and the results are interesting. Read the full review now!

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Eyal Mizrachi

Eyal Mizrachi is a well known solo vendor, His list is huge and he is known for his great personal service. How did his solo go? Read his full review now!

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James Jordan

James Jordan is a great professional seller. He uses great swipes and provides great premium traffic and high optin rate. Read the full review now.

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Johnathan Salie

Johnathan Salie (Yes - It spells "Johnathan") Delivers fast service and over delivers big time. Read his full review.

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