Black List

Solo ad blacklist (vendors that don’t deliver)

If you’re about to buy a solo – Make sure that the provider you’re buying from isn’t on this list. You can also choose top solo ad sellers or review all the solo sellers to find recommended vendors. If someone has cheated you and you wish to add them to the blacklist in order to help protect our environment clean of crooks -please contact me via Skype or via email.

  • Andrew Mayers Black listed
  • Aurica Doina Socea Black listed
  • Frank Morgan Black listed
  • Shelby Stizel Black listed
  • April Roytman Black listed
  • Jennifer Wyatt Black listed
  • Ioana-olimpia Galen Black listed
  • Emi Leo  Black listed
  • Nicole Carter Black listed
  • Shoun Morgan Black listed
  • Ammad Khan Black listed
  • James Hall Black listed
  • Marc Valencia Black listed
  • Kenneth Reno Black listed
  • Tom Kent Black listed
  • Craig Raphael Black listed
  • Raul Rojas Black listed
  • Heather LeRoque Black listed
  • Gilbert Quintro Black listed
  • Joshua K Bowen (appears on Skype as “Josh”) Black listed
  • Curtis Carlton Black listed
  • Ricky Jonathan (sometimes appears as Rick Jonathon) Black listed
  • Black listed
  • Alvin Lee (AKA a.lee) Black listed
  • Kyle Skinner Black listed
  • Katy Wong / Reuben Juarez (probably the same person) Black listed
  • Emily Walker / Tyler Walker / Ben Walker (probably the same person) Black listed
  • Alex Smith Black listed
  • Heiko Winkler Black listed
  • Jessi Hopkins Black listed
  • Holly Lorene Black listed
  • Gary Baker Black listed
  • Ashly Gough Black listed

If you’re on the list and you want to be reconsidered – please let me know