Ed Newman

Rating: 4/5

Ed Newmans has A great service and delivery time. Read the full review.

I got 50 solo clicks and 50 funnel clicks from Ed Newman


  • Funnel clicks: 55 unique clicks (10% over delivery)
  • Solo clicks: 55 unique clicks (10% over delivery)

Delivery time: 24 hours both solos.


  • Funnel clicks: 15 optins (30% conversion rate).  60% tier 1 countries.
  • Solo clicks: 12 optins (24% conversion rate). 65% Premium traffic (from top tier countries)

Service: Great service, Fast response, fast help .

Bottom line: A silver medal vendor. According to what I’ve heard the conversion rate is usually higher but Ed didn’t want to give it another chance. I recommend Ed’s traffic specially due to fast delivery time, great service and what I’ve heard (good feedback from other colleges).



A silver Medal Solo Vendor