Karen Dram

Rating: 5/5

Karen Dram is relatively new in the business, but I gave her traffic a shot and the results were quite surprising. How did she do? Read the review now!

I got 200 clicks from Karen

Results: 234 unique clicks (17% over delivery)

Delivery time: Karen delivered them within 48 hours.

Quality: 108 Opt-Ins (45% conversion rate). 70% Premium traffic (from tier 1 countries)

Service: Very effective – Karen was very nice and helpful. She noticed me once it started and once in ended and wanted to know if everything was ok.

Bottom line: Karen Dram’s traffic is high quality. Although the somewhat slow pace, about 30% of the subscribers opened the follow up email which means the traffic is very responsive. Highly recommended for any offer in the “make money online” niche. A Gold medal vendor.

 Gold medal solo traffic