Yuhu d’ Ventura

Rating: 5/5

Yuhu d' Ventura is A great solo vendor. His unique traffic and service make him a very prominent solo ad vendor. Read the full review.

I got 50 solo clicks and 50 funnel clicks from Yuhu


  • Funnel clicks: 55 unique clicks (10% over delivery)
  • Solo clicks: 61 unique clicks (22% over delivery)

Delivery time: Yuhu delivered the solo within 12 hours and the funnel within 30 hours.


  • Funnel clicks: 24 optins (45% conversion rate).  70% tier 1 countries.
  • Solo clicks: 29 optins (46% conversion rate). 75% Premium traffic (from top tier countries)

Service: Yuhu loves to help, He always returns an answer and fun to chat with. His service is Great!

Bottom line: Definitely a gold medal vendor. I recommend Yuhu d’ Ventura traffic.


Gold medal solo traffic

A Gold medal vendor